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Understanding Devereux’s Time-Off Benefit Programs

At Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, we offer a comprehensive time-off benefit program. This objective of this document is to provide a high-level understanding of our time-off benefits in a question and answer format. For a more detailed explanation of our time off policies, visit our Devereux Employee Handbook.

What types of time-off programs are offered by Devereux?

Devereux offers the following time off benefit programs:

  • Time-off Benefits
  • Health Management Leave

Who at Devereux is eligible to receive time-off benefits?

Devereux’s time-off benefits are available to the following employee groups:

  • Full-time employees who consistently work 40 hours per week
  • Part-time employees who work at Devereux locations in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Newark, New Jersey (Health Management Leave only).

Tell me more about our Time-off Benefits (TOB) program.

Time-off Benefits (TOB) includes an employee’s holiday and vacation time and is available to employees who work 40 hours per week. TOB begins accruing following the completion of 90 days of continuous full-time service and, from that point forward, is earned each pay period based on the number of hours worked each pay period.


TOB is earned in accordance with the following accrual schedule:

Earn up to
Accrual Rates
90 days – 2 years 192 hrs./year/24 days .0923 x # of hours worked
3 years – 4 years  200 hrs./year/25 days .0962 x # of hours worked
5 years – 9 years 208 hrs./year/26 days .1000 x # of hours worked
10 years – 14 years 248 hrs./year/31 days .1192 x # of hours worked
15 years 288 hrs./year/36 days .1385 x # of hours worked

Tell me more about our Health Management Leave (HML) program.

Available on an employee’s first day of employment, Health Management Leave (HML) is used for preventive care (doctor visits) and time out of work due to an illness. Employees can earn up to 64 hours per year (up to eight days); days accrue at .0500 x the number of hours worked. Maximum HML accrual is 1,040 hours.

In addition:

  • Any accrued, unused HML hours (40 or more hours) not used as of the last pay period in a given benefit year will be doubled. These hours are banked to provide additional protection in the event of a long-term illness or disability.
  • Any accrued, unused HML hours (39 or less hours) will be carried into your bank of HML time at the current value.


Note: Accrued HML may be approved for one-day events to care for an immediate family member. Questions? Contact your supervisor or local People Operations representative for details.


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Time off accrual

At what point in the year does TOB and HML start accruing?

Devereux’s fiscal year runs from July 1-June 30. For example, for fiscal year 2019, TOB and HML began accruing in the first pay in July 2018 and will run through the last pay of June 2019.

How can I find out how much TOB and HML I have accrued?

Log into Oracle > Devereux Self-Service > Payslip. At the bottom of your pay slip, you will find your accrued HML and TOB balances.

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Carryover, advancing and selling time off

Does Devereux offer a TOB carry-over period?

Yes. Devereux’s TOB carry-over period runs from pay 14 (the first pay period in July) through pay 19 (the pay in which Labor Day falls). Unused TOB after the Labor Day pay period will be forfeited.

Can I “sell” any of my TOB time?

Yes. Under IRS regulations and Devereux policy, our direct care staff (and other employee groups identified by center leadership and approved by the vice president of HR) may elect to “sell” a portion of their TOB, not to exceed 80 hours. In order to “sell” this time, an employee must make the irrevocable election prior to the start of the time off benefit year. The “sell” election is held prior to the start of the plan year, typically in May.

Can I receive an advance of TOB if I don’t have/run out of accrued hours?

Yes. Devereux offers a TOB advancement of up to 40 hours, or hours the employee will accrue through the remainder of the year (if less than 40 hours). Advanced TOB time that has been approved, but not yet earned, will result in a negative TOB balance. Once the TOB balance reflects a positive balance, employees will once again become eligible to request the use of accrued TOB. TOB time advanced before it has accrued must be repaid at termination and will be deducted from an employee's final paycheck.

Can I receive an advance of HML if I don’t have/run out of accrued hours?

No. In accordance with our policies, employees are not able to receive an advance of HML time.


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Exempt vs. non-exempt TOB/HML usage

Does TOB/HML usage differ between non-exempt (hourly) and exempt (salaried) employees?

  • Non-exempt employees may request use of TOB/HML in increments of no less than in one half hour (30 minutes) and must have this time approved by their supervisor ahead of time.
  • Exempt employees must use TOB/HML in four-hour increments and be approved by their supervisor ahead of time.


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When an employee leaves Devereux

Will I be paid for unused TOB when I leave the organization?

Accrued, unused TOB time will be paid at termination when a non-exempt employee provides a minimum of two weeks written notice of intent to resign employment. Supervisory/management level staff will provide a minimum of four weeks of notice. Additionally, in order to be paid for accrued, unused TOB time following termination, a departing employee must honor his/her responsibility to work his/her regular work schedule during the notification period, as well as adhere to Devereux’s policies, center procedures and Standards of Conduct.

Employees who fail to provide written notice of intent to resign employment as outlined above, and who fail to complete the required notification period, and those whose employment is terminated for cause, will not be paid for accrued, unused TOB time, unless required by state law (presently required in California, Colorado, Connecticut Delaware, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island).


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Additional information

What if I want to learn more?

To learn more about our time-off benefits programs, click here to see a snapshot of how employees accrue TOB and HML. For a more detailed explanation of our policies, visit the Devereux Employee Handbook.

Who should I call if I have questions about TOB or HML?

If you have a question about TOB or HML, please contact your local People Operations representative .


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