Redirecting Challenging


Definition of Redirecting Challenging Behavior

Redirecting Challenging Behavior is a procedure (a.k.a. “ignore/interrupt-redirect-reward”) used in response to an individual’s disruptive or destructive behavior, as a way of teaching the individual to access reinforcement through more acceptable means. The procedure involves ignoring the individual’s challenging behavior or interrupting it if necessary; redirecting the behavior to something more positive; and then rewarding (i.e. reinforcing) the more positive alternative behavior.

Categories of Challenging Behaviors

Reasons Why Individuals with IDD Engage in Challenging Behaviors

Basic Two-step Method for Responding to Challenging Behaviors

  1. Provide no value for the behavior
  2. Redirect the behavior into something more rewarding for the individual

Steps for Redirecting Challenging Behavior

  1. Ignore the challenging behavior (or interrupt the behavior if it is physically harmful to the individual or others).
  2. Redirect the challenging behavior to a more acceptable alternative behavior.
  3. Reward any approach toward an alternative behavior.