New Directions Resources: Performance Observation and Reliability

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How To Become A Certified Observer

If your center requires individuals, positions, or other groups to supervise, observe, and deliver performance feedback for direct care staff in the use of New Directions Social Learning Core Skills, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Successful completion of the skill "Supportive Behavioral Supervision". This expectation can be met through completion of any program incorporating SBS. Examples:
    • Supervisory Excellence: Supportive Behavioral Supervision (classroom or online)
    • The Supervision of Safe and Positive Approaches
  2. Successful completion of the certification program New Directions: Performance Observation and Reliability (Online). Note that this program is only available online and is for the purpose of an observer demonstrating reliable performance results consistent with an expert.
  3. Upon completion of these criteria, observers will be added to a database of qualified individuals, who will show as available observers in the Performance Observation webapp and will be able to enter/be named as observers.

*Note: All Certified New Directions Instructors must follow the steps to become certified observers.