Study Guide: QPR


QPR for Suicide Prevention

QPR is not intended to be a form of counseling or treatment.

QPR is intended to offer hope through positive action.

Suicide Clues and Warning Signs

Direct Verbal Clues
Indirect Verbal Clues
Behavioral Clues
Situational Clues


Suicide Myths and Facts


No one can stop a suicide, it is inevitable.

Truth: If people in a crisis get the help they need, they will probably never be suicidal again.


Only experts can prevent suicide.

Truth: Suicide prevention is everybody’s business, and anyone can help prevent the tragedy of suicide.


Once a person decides to complete suicide, there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.

Truth: Suicide is the most preventable kind of death, and almost any positive action may save a life.


Question - Persuade - Refer


Question: How can I help? Ask the Question...

Direct Approach: Ask the question (if you cannot ask the question, find someone who can.)

Less Direct Approach: 

Tips for asking the Suicide Question:

Persuade: How to persuade someone to stay alive...
Refer: How to refer someone to get help...
  1. The best referral is taking someone directly to someone who can help.

  2. The next best referral is getting a commitment to get help and make the arrangements.

  3. The third best referral is getting a good faith commitment that they will get help.


Any willingness to accept help at sometime, even if in the future, is a good outcome.

Remember, since almost all efforts to persuade someone to live instead of attempt suicide will be met with agreement and relief, don’t hesitate to get involved or take the lead.

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